Gatsby runs for Class President

Who Wins?

Four people are running for President of the class of 2012: Daisy Buchanan, Tom Buchanan, Nick Carraway, and Jay Gatsby.

Who gets your vote? Why?

Who wins? Why? What does this tell you about your class and our society?

Write an analysis of 2-3 pages, 700-1000 words. Explain why you would vote for one, and why you wouldn’t vote for the others. Be as specific as you can, and use real quotes from the text (at least 4) to back up your conclusions. For instance, if you say Tom is selfish, find some text in the story that shows him being selfish. Add a page number reference to help the reader.

Honestly, I can imagine a well supported answer for every one of these candidates. No are universally likeable, but all have some strengths, somewhere.

And if you’re honest about yourself, you might not always vote for the best candidate, isn’t that possible?

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