The Gospels as Rhetoric

You don’t have to believe everything in the Gospels to be fascinated by the story and the rhetoric. Who were the authors? What was their audience? Since we don’t know much about the actual events, understanding the words, the language, is really our most important source for clues.You have access to a very solid online text that tells the Passion story, the story of Jesus’s crucifixion, in a parallel fashion so you can read all four of the “accepted” Gospel accounts.Click here for the link.We will be reading from page 208 to page 249 in the online text.Homework update:Take notes on each page, 208-249. Good notes for each page should consist of two questions and an observation.Have all notes ready to discuss and pass in on Friday, April 2. The paper on the Gospels, analyzing the different perspectives and audience of each writer, will be due Tuesday, April 6.

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