Where does Oedipus go Wrong?

Aristotle thought that action was more important than character. What action, or actions, does Oedipus take that really cause his downfall? Are they justified? Does he have good reasons for his actions?Does the fact that the Gods foretold Oedipus’s fate relieve him of responsibility?Then there is the question of character. What is it about Oedipus’s character that leads to his downfall? Is there a particular quality to the man? Is it forgiveable, or unforgiveable?Think more about pity and fear. Pity requires we see something happen that the character doesn’t deserve. We have no pity for people who get what they deserve. Fear requires that we feel the same thing could happen to us. Now, we probably won’t kill our fathers and marry our mothers, so where’s the fear? It’s there, for sure, but it has to be of a less obvious, and maybe a deeper nature. What’s the fear? For us?

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